Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger Version 6.0 Free trial

Record keystrokes and retrieve passwords and data typed in without permission

There are certain situations in life when you need to keep track of whatever is being typed in to your PC through its keyboard. For such times keylogger software programs had been developed. Keyloggers basically record every single keystroke on your keyboard and allow you to view results. Elite Keylogger is one of these software programs.
Elite Keylogger offers several features, including Keystroke Recorder for recording everything that's typed including passwords and other personal information, Password Tracker for recording typed passwords, Clipboard Monitor for recording text copied into the clipboard in case users don’t type in passwords and other information but rather copy it, Screenshots for stealthily and regularly taking screenshots of active desktop applications allowing for automatic surveillance, Record Applications Launched for letting you know which applications had been launched, Track Printed Documents, Record Websites Visited by all users, and many more.
Before putting this efficient software program to use in accordance with your needs, you'd be best advised to make sure the use you intend for it will not violate any personal rights or privacy laws, rules and regulations.
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